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Spring Season 2014
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Northern Seed, LLC has four seed conditioning plants in the heart of Montana's Golden Triangle; one of the nation's premier grain production areas.



All of Northern Seed conditioning facilities are approved as "Certified Seed Conditioning Plants" by the Montana State Department of Agriculture. Northern Seed continues to invest in a system of segregated conditioning equipment, augers, conveyors and storage tanks that lead to the higher qualities of certified seed required by tomorrow's higher standards of the grain channels.


We presently have over 140,000 bushels of segregated storage, cleaning equipment that can condition over 10,000 bushels per day, and access to 5 truck scales at these facilities, along with a rail siding, all to aid our customers increasing needs of efficiency. 


Northern Seed, LLC
109 8th Avenue NE, Building B
Conrad, MT  59425
Office:  406-278-9189
Fax:  406-278-0230







Northern Seed, LLC

2681 Christenson School Road N

Conrad, MT  59425

Office:  406-627-2327

Fax:  406-627-2348


Northern Seed, LLC

200 Marias Fair Road

Shelby, MT  59474

Office:  406-434-5000

Fax:  406-434-2334



Northern Seed, LLC
2811 Saint Charles St.
Fort Benton, MT 59442
Office: 406-622-5481
Fax: 406-622-5709

Corporate Headquarters                                  
8 West Park Street, Suite 210                         
Butte, MT  59701                                                 

Office:  406-782-4670                                 

Fax:  406-782-5332